During the last year, we have made an effort to provide industry-relevant content, such as client wins from Alloxentric to new regulations and laws. We hope you found them helpful!

However, it is likely that you missed some information in your daily inbox flow. So here is a quick glance at the top five posts of 2021!


  1. Has your company already implemented a message bot?

A survey we conducted showed that 90% of users preferred receiving a text message with their order information or a note reminder rather than being sent a sales offer! Learn here, how you can keep your customers from getting anxious while they wait for their new purchase.


  1. 3 tips to reduce IT cost without sacrificing performance

The IT department can be a significant expense for the company and cutting costs here can be a challenge. We recommend that you track customer preferences, hire, and coach new graduates, and improve your contact resolution. Read on for a more detailed explanation of each.


  1. New CX Analytics, the support your company and agents need

Take a look at our newest addition to the solutions suite! We show you how CX Analytics can be used to improve your customer service as well as increase profitability and efficiency.


  1. Case Study: Implementing AI to drive sales

In only two weeks after implementing the bot from the Xentric platform, a factoring company increased sales by 10%. Learn how the bots provided them with 3 benefits that helped them reach these amazing results!


  1. Complacent contactability strategies a new law: 6 pillars of success

As laws change constantly, your business must be prepared to adapt quickly and without affecting its daily operations. In this blog, you’ll learn six pillars to improve collection efficiency, taking advantage of any new legislation.


We hope that this has helped you in staying up to date on all of the latest information in your industry! If you require any additional guidance, please contact us to learn more about how Alloxentric can support your company in remaining compliant, productive, and cost-effective. Stay tuned for more successes in the coming year!


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