IT expenses are becoming a larger part of every company’s budget but cutting these costs can be difficult. Every company needs cost savings, but when the company is customer service, it can sometimes seem counterproductive to balance the need to reduce cost with the need to provide consistently high service quality.


Reducing the costs of the call center should not mean that customer service quality is reduced. It is entirely possible to do both when you do some analysis. Here, we give you three tips for cost reduction without losing the quality of your customer support in your call center:


  1. Track customers’ preference: Examine how customers communicate and determine which channel is the most active. Use technology that allows you to track the most efficient contact channel; customers might be just as likely to resolve their issue with an automated system such as bots, voice, text, as much as they would with a live agent. If this is the case, investing in more advanced touch channel technology will save money while improving results.


  1. Hire and coach new graduates: Find a nearby university, establish a partnership with the career placement office, and attract recent graduates. You will be able to minimize call center costs by reducing agent turnover if you invest in training for these new graduates. Investing in better training may entail an initial outlay of funds, but it can save money in the long run by lowering the costs of errors and inefficiencies. Offering the best training possible would not only ensure that fewer of these agents leave their positions over time, but it will also ensure that the clients receive the best service possible.


  1. Improve contact resolution: Having fewer interactions overall is more beneficial in terms of minimizing the expense of each of the communications. The simplest way to do this is to resolve consumer issues or concerns during the initial interaction. Which will cut costs significantly by reducing the number of interactions per client, while still maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.


One of the most important cost-cutting measures in your IT company is simple to implement: simply track how much money you’ve saved each month because of your cost-cutting efforts and rejoice when you reach a big milestone. Metrics are a fantastic way to influence behavior and posting a problem allows the team to concentrate on cost reduction.


The Alloxentric Xentric platform is an integrated omnichannel platform that synchronizes the actions of voice, text, and human agent bots to develop contactability solutions for any scenario. It helps to determine the best combination of channel and message while ensuring legal compliance, Alloxentric can provide services such as information analysis, centralized contact registration, cost-effective pre-qualification calls, and more. The integrated Alloxentric platform enables you to combine messages with agent involvement, streamline the process and increase debtor collection.


If you’d like to learn more about Alloxentric and how the artificial intelligence-based contactability platform can help your company, please contact us.

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