Alloxentric developed an innovative AI powered bot for the recruitment of a call center that helps the talent acquisition department find the right profiles candidates according to the role’s specifications.


The recruitment process is the most challenging aspect of running a call center or customer service department due to the high turnover situation and the intense workload. Nevertheless, it is a job for which a large number of applicants apply, requiring a concerted recruitment effort from the HR or Talent Acquisition department.


But what if AI could help?


Alloxentric developed a chatbot for recruitment at the request of a financial institution’s call center. Through this chatbot, the talent acquisition department can connect with potential hires through WhatsApp or a web chat interface, mimicking the interactions of customer service agents, and answering questions about open positions without the need to sift through dozens of resumes to find a qualified candidate. They can discover new hires more swiftly and easily than ever before thanks to this bot, which also saves hours of valuable time formerly spent on repetitive tasks.


A chatbot recruiter can reduce recruitment costs by decreasing the amount of time HR or Talent Acquisition department personnel spends on interviews. The new software streamlines certain processes and makes them more efficient, cultivating a larger pool of candidates. In addition to greeting and guiding candidates through the application process, the bot recruiter collects data that can be used to assess a candidate’s skillset and knowledge.


Candidates use this chatbot as part of the first step of the selection process, which includes filling out an interactive questionnaire and submitting their CV, after which the chatbot asks them verification questions and key questions to determine if they meet the minimum criteria for the position. It also provides answers to frequently asked questions about the selection process to candidates. During the second step, a phone bot confirms the first filter group’s curriculum information. This method saves the time and effort required to screen the applicant and enables for the continuing management of candidate databases.


When it comes to recruitment, there are numerous benefits to employing chatbot technology. A chatbot outperforms a human recruiter in terms of consistency, speed, and ability to learn from candidates. Chatbots can also evaluate individuals based on information provided in documents or CVs, and they can improve their selection process over time. In summary, it has the potential to make the hiring process more efficient and cost-effective.

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