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Our AI communications platform integrates voice and text across multiple channels to create an automatic, seamless and cost-effective contact center.

New CX Analytics Platform: The support your company and agents need

September 2021

The CX Analytics platform analyzes the effectiveness of conversations to identify opportunities for improvement such as quiet times and agent adherence in real-time!

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Our Platforms

Alloxentric offers powerful solutions for holistic and ongoing development of the customer experience that function across all channels through which your company or institution’s customers contact you.

The virtuous cycle begins with the Omnichannel Communication platform, which integrates voice, text, and artificial intelligence to interact with customers and users in their preferred channel, consolidating all these interactions on a single screen. After that, analyzing the effectiveness of those conversations using the CX Analytics platform and identify opportunities for improvement such as quiet times and customer adherence in real or delayed time.

Omnichannel Communication


Voice Bots

Web Bots

Text Channel Chatbot

Institutional Voice

STT – Speech to Text

TTS – Text to Speech

Conversation API as a Service

Dialing Platform

CX Analytics


Voice Bot

Voice separation

The most flexible solution on the market



The combination of bots and human agents allows for the development of highly effective campaigns that meet business objectives.



All communications with your customers, regardless of channel or medium (voice or text), will be available in a single view.



Whether in the cloud or on-premises, we can integrate with third-party cognitive platforms or legacy environments.

What our customers have to say

“The vast flexibility of Alloxentric has allowed us to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into customer calls and actions at an excellent cost-benefit ratio.”

Héctor Bravo
General Manager, Waytech
Technological subsidiary, IBR Latam

“Our organization has gained valuable insight that it would not have had  access to without this tool.”

Rocio Fonseca
Chief Technology Officer

“The ability to separate the voices of those who participate in a conversation is essential to a correct understanding of the user experience.”

Mario Flores
3BJ Consulting