The Xentric platform, which is part of Alloxentric and uses artificial intelligence to automate voice and text message communication, was awarded the Corfo Consolida and Expande Innovación instrument fund for the Consolidation of the Xentric Platform and Expansion to the Mexican Market project, which came in sixth place out of 34 approved projects and 124 applicants. These funds will be used to expand the company’s operations in Mexico, which will be the company’s first step toward globalization in 2022.

The Xentric platform from Alloxentric is a highly adaptable, powerful, and cost-effective tool that recognizes and responds to a wide range of accents, languages, and voice inflections in a far more human and personalized approach. Corfo’s evaluation for the fund award highlighted two points: the solid business model and teamwork.

“We are grateful, proud, and overjoyed with Corfo’s support. Their funding will allow us to initiate an accelerated expansion process, coinciding with the company’s first phase of capitalization to prepare it to compete in a global concert in 2022”, says Max Kreimerman, CEO of Alloxentric.

The funds from this project will be used to develop cognitive services for the Mexican market, such as local voice and accent recognition. “Alloxentric will assist Mexican companies in developing sustainable competitive advantages through the development of automated and cost-effective multi-channel contactability capabilities,” explains Patricio Contreras, Alloxentric’s Sales Partner in Mexico, who has recently closed on a business partnership with the company as part of this expansion phase.

Virtual assistants and artificial intelligence “bots” are valuable tools for any company looking to improve its customer and user relationships. “One of Alloxentric’s key advantages is that they are modular solutions, allowing customers to acquire only the elements they need rather than the entire platform, and thus make decisions more tailored to their business models,” adds Contreras.

The platform is currently being used in the development and implementation of customized solutions for banking, call centers, government agency public service offices, retail, healthcare, and industries in general, and as of February 1, 2021, it is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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