• With its revolutionary solution, Alloxentric enters the country to provide an omnichannel communications platform that combines various voice and text technologies to help businesses enhance client satisfaction and service agent productivity.

  • As part of its global expansion strategy, the company chooses Mexico for being the world’s largest Spanish-speaking market.

  • The solution allows businesses to save 45% to 70% on their cost per contact.


Mexico City, April 2021. The Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO), through the Financial Services Study of 2021, announced that 3 out of 10 buyers have acquired a financial service using the digital channel, with credit and debit cards being the most popular. As a result, AMVO sees a significant opportunity to increase its penetration in other financial services.

According to the same study, the three most important criteria for Mexicans when employing this type of service are clarity or full description of the services offered, customer service, and automation. It also indicates that 83% of buyers utilize their financial services on a frequent or occasional basis, but the question is, what is the cause for this low frequency? 75% say it’s because of mistrust, 60% say it’s because of lack of information and 55% say it’s because of negative experiences.

These trends are causing businesses to rethink a big portion of their internal operations to grasp what the new consumer needs and habits are and thus remain competitive in the market. Faced with this promising opportunity for Mexico and Latin America, Alloxentric will commence operations in the country, establishing the framework for a local and global expansion strategy, with the goal of quadrupling sales by the end of 2021. These strategic moves are being consolidated as a result of a seed funding of US $ 275,000 that it received to boost its operations and maximize growth in the region. Funding comes from London-based investment fund RLC Ventures.

Today, organizations are facing several challenges, where the ability to have cutting-edge technologies and the need to improve the customer service experience are becoming increasingly important. To that extent, companies have the obligation to provide quick and clear responses, regardless of the channel, in addition to having the competence to collect information from consumers to analyze, respond and resolve their requests as quickly as possible.

Banks, for example, face the problem of delivering up-to-date information on both products and accounts to their clients in a timely and efficient manner, with more than 50% stating that these are their worries while doing operations remotely, at the same time avoiding crowds in physical branches. Alloxentric enables communication automation, whether it is to engage consumers with customized solutions, offer the information they seek, organize the delivery of a product, or refer an executive when appropriate.

Through innovative technology, Mexican organizations will have an ally who will come to offer them solutions that allow them to automate large volumes of communications and become more efficient and competitive. Alloxentric’s communications platform will allow companies to save between 45% and 70% of their cost per contact, while also providing a substantial improvement in management capacity ranging between 8% and 20%. This also allows the processes to cost a third less, while generating up to 10% more sales”, explained Max Kreimerman, CEO of Alloxentric.

The modularity and flexibility of the platform enable omnichannel interactions based on artificial intelligence algorithms. As a result, businesses gain access to cutting-edge technology as a service and develop the best communication strategies to communicate with their consumers via all available channels, resulting in better outcomes, cost savings, streamlining operations, and reducing service intervals silence by up to 30%.

All communication interactions that a client has had can be visualized using Alloxentric’s platform. For example, if a customer was supported via social media and then interacts via the telephone channel, the agent who assisted him will be aware of all case history to avoid asking the same questions that were previously asked.

The year 2021 stands out as one where companies must innovate and reinvent themselves. Companies must rely on digitalization to thrive after a global pandemic, which is why Alloxentric comes to the country to assess and implement the biggest technical advancements to provide more adaptability, flexibility, and service solidity.

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