Web bots are an important resource for interacting with website visitors. By connecting with multi-channel communication platforms, it is possible to continue a fluent conversation using other channels such as voice, chatbots, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal (general chat), email and SMS.

It is not a secret that technology is being used as a tool to automate everything possible in order to simplify life as much as possible. It is now possible to travel nearly anywhere with just a few taps of our phone, without having to speak with the driver or provide any other form of payment. As customers, we are always on the lookout for the next best gadget to make our lives easier. Customers are desiring more convenient ways to communicate with businesses. They don’t want to call for assistance, nor do they want to fill out a form or wait for someone to contact them.


Easier = Better

And the world of marketing is no different!


Web bots are an “easy” alternative that consumers favor, especially when they can transfer the conversation to different platforms (Telegram, WhatsApp, or making a telephone call). However, the Web bot that is successful is one that provides an enjoyable experience and achieves the goals of continuing the conversation in other media or transferring to a human agent.

Let’s review some information about web bots, including how they work, features, and some benefits of using them in your communication channel strategy.


What is a web bot?

A Web bot is a Chatbot application or programmed chat interface, with which the visitor of a website can interact.

Web bots are assistants hosted on the website and are positioned at the first level of complexity of attending to the needs of the site visitors. They are programmed to mimic human behavior and converse with visitors in a conversational tone.

Imagine a Web bot as a little guide that helps consumers navigate within or outside of the website.


What are some benefits of a web bot?

By adding a chatbot to your website, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Enhances customer service.
  • It is available at all times.
  • Keeps a buyer interested throughout their visit to your website.
  • Improves conversion and leads generation
  • Eliminates the need for the representative to be available all the time.
  • Builds trust and loyalty for your brand.
  • Provides a more customized consumer experience.


Which types of chatbots are there?

There are two main types of Chatbots:

Simple Chatbot

Simple chatbots reply to predetermined keywords or commands that a developer has programmed. When it comes to communication, these bots are simplistic and limited. As an example, if a website user asked a bot a question or typed words that did not match any of the exact keywords or phrases the bot was trained to recognize, the bot would be unable to understand.

Advanced Chatbot

Unlike simple bots, advanced chatbots, such as Alloxentric chatbots, use AI (Artificial Intelligence) while conversing with web users. They are therefore able to understand basic language and communication and make accurate recommendations without relying on keywords or preprogrammed phrases.

While AI chatbots aren’t human, but your visitors will be able to engage in a back-and-forth conversation that will give the impression they are talking with a customer service representative.

Another important feature of an advanced chatbot is its ability to switch from one medium to another as well as to transfer the conversation to a human agent when it has exhausted its capabilities. Therefore, it is advisable to design and program your Web bot in a way that uses advanced chatbots in order to ensure that the experience of your client or user is unparalleled.


Why use a web bot?

While our recommendation may appear obvious to you, you may have numerous questions, such as: how can a web bot aid increase my marketing strategy? What if I own a small to medium sized business? Will it till be relevant? Etc. Following is a series of sections devoted to answering these questions and more.


  1. Web bots streamline operations

It is likely that your website has a wealth of information and provides everything a potential customer may need to know. Though this information is readily accessible to the client, their busy schedule may prevent them from extensive navigation in search of relevant information.

Web bots simplify everything for everyone involved:

  • The information they provide to consumers is tailored to meet their needs, and if they are programmed correctly, they do an excellent job.
  • They can work through several channels, shifting the conversation to the most appropriate channel for the company.
  • In the event they are unable to assist the customer, they will provide an agent with a volume of relevant information, so they won’t need to request the information the bot already has verified.


  1. Web bots have their own voice

Though bots may not be human, that does not mean they aren’t natural in some way.

Likewise, when they are well-planned, the conversation flows smoothly and is organized similarly to how it flows in business. When the bot exhausts the means to interact, it can change the channel or ask a human agent to respond.

Unlike humans, bots do not suffer from emotional problems. Occasionally, we’ve all dealt with a representative who seemed angry, or whose voice sounded impolite. A robot offers your business an edge in providing excellent customer service, as it treats everyone with equal care and respect. Furthermore, if the web bot’s repertoire runs out, when it passes to a human agent, it will do so with contextual information that will allow them to optimize their work.


  1. Bots are always available

Web bots are always available, whether it is day or night. Do you have an urgent question that you need to answer at three in the morning? The chatbots will be there to help you, guaranteed.

Bots are incredibly useful for small businesses and business owners who don’t have access to employees 24/7. Additionaly, web bots aren’t limited to a single channel of relationship. Using Alloxentric technology, web bots can change from one channel (the web, for example) to another (Whatsapp or Telegram, for example), so the user can interact in whatever way is most convenient for them.


  1. Web bots increase efficiency

Robots provide valuable customer service, support, convenience, and even entertainment in some cases. Furthermore, they act as filters of requirements towards human agents, leaving them only to manage those questions and situations that bots cannot handle.

In some cases, bots can help your customer in areas where they may not have been aware they needed assistance when they first visited your site. If they are unable to help, they can pass the conversation over to a human agent, along with all the previous conversations, so they can focus on the issue at hand.


  1. Web bots can convert visitors into customers

Web bots make it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for, converting visitors into potential customers. By providing product suggestions and recommendations, they can act as a virtual assistant, resulting in higher profits and sales.

Bots can schedule meetings or events on the spot, direct sales leads to sales team members, or even facilitate the purchase of goods and services by visitors. Alternatively, they can follow the conversation on WhatsApp, Telegram or initiate an call with a human agent.


  1. Web bots increase brand trust

Web bots can be the first point of contact with a prospective customer, so they’re the ideal way to present them with your brand and what you have to offer. Well-built bots create a positive impression, leading to a powerful connection between the brand and the consumer.


Alloxentric offers a fully integrated communications platform, allowing you to track all your communications in one easy-to-use platform, so you never lose track of your customer’s conversation. Due to our ability to integrate into any multichannel platform, including voice chatbots and WhatsApp, businesses can seamlessly maintain communication by switching between different applications efficiently.


Are you curious about how web bots and Alloxentric can help your business communicate with its customers more effectively? Contact us today!

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