Identifying risk areas in customer support centers is crucial for any organization operating in a dynamic environment. The ability to understand how customers view a company’s products and brand requires a comprehensive view of its operations and access to data in real time.

For many companies, a real-time, holistic view of call center performance across several providers is a common challenge. Having several agents dealing with customers every day increases the potential for issues and the need for constant improvement. Using an analytics tool can provide critical data and insights to improve customer relations. By understanding if and when issues occur at your call centers, you can take steps to address them.

Finally, these insights allow you to learn about your market and competitors, allowing you to make wise decisions and develop informed, accurate predictions that will have a big economic impact. Market forecasts fluctuate and client expectations change constantly, so retailers and wholesalers need data to stay ahead of the competition. CX Analytics can help them transform data into actionable insights, so they can provide the best customer service.

As a multinational brewing company was faced with the challenge of understanding both compliance and performance protocols, they turned to Alloxentric for assistance in deploying CX Analytics to handle the situation and help them develop the ability to comprehend what customers are saying and feeling. The brewing company needed to assess the performance of its call center, but discovered issues with the already established structure that made evaluating the entire operation difficult.

They had discovered that the current setup lacked a framework that would allow them to compare the performance of different scripts and call center service providers. Since call centers deliver messages based on a specific protocol, it was difficult to determine which performed best and which call center agents needed additional training to follow the script defined by the company. The underlying and subtle difficulty that this company experienced, however, was that the information gathered at its call centers was partial and only related to the elements that the company’s systems were designed to capture.

As a result, data and consumer sentiments that support agents did not collect were lost. The multinational brewing company was unable to determine if orders differed due to specific situations, or if the company was previously aware of those difficulties, attitudes, and impressions. Furthermore, it was unable to assess any comments made by customers on how to improve the beer offering.

Through their platform, CX Analytics, Alloxentric was able to re-define protocol compliance for the multinational as a series of steps in order to gain a better understanding of the root problems. A word cloud system and reports connected with several general themes were also generated.

With solutions like CX Analytics, clients can now evaluate protocols and providers on the same day and determine if they want to change a message or the method it is delivered. However, they can also understand what customers want, what they are seeking for, what challenges they are experiencing, and how to better serve them.


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