“A multi-cedent call center works for several creditors; the term cedent refers to the assigning or selling of debt to a debt collector.”


A problem that collection call centers encounter is providing debt information in a multi-cedent environment. This is particularly important when it comes to callbacks, but also when it comes to other methods of communication with customers.

Call centers are tasked with working as multi-cedent, each creditor with its own method of storing and retrieving debt information. As a result, it can be difficult to locate the right information when needed, which can lead to confusion and poor communication.

It is challenging to maintain several data sources correctly and regularly. This problem can be solved by using a single communication mechanism that can be accessed through all channels. The following benefits can be achieved in this manner:

  • Callback system works properly
  • Outbound communications are routed to the correct person (customer)

In order to achieve these objectives, Alloxentric designed a powerful multi-cedent collection bot that works off of web channels, WhatsApp channels, as well as text channels. By creating a bot that extracts information from different providers through API, customers will be able to search for a creditor’s debt through the system and carry out payment actions to the cedent. It connects to your assignor systems and retrieves data quickly, so that agents can respond to your clients more efficiently.

Additionally, it allows debt information to be stored in one location rather than having to switch between multiple systems to access all the needed data. The bot enables the user to respond to a callback request, or to ask a question about a debt in the collection process, and to refer those problems to a specialized debt collection process (even with a payment option) that is tailored to the individual case.

In this way, the collection process is optimized, and customer callbacks can be used, with a guided process that increases commercial recovery and generates detailed management information for the entire process, being able to even reach the payment itself online separately by each institution.

The bot has several additional options, such as scheduling a later payment with a reminder or referral to an agent, which allow you to optimize the contact and improve profitability

The system monitors the status of the queue and when there are messages with specific statuses, it sends these messages to the assigned contact (customer) via email, SMS or WhatsApp. The email address and phone number are taken from the CRM and sent directly to the customer without operator intervention.

The system also has a “blacklist” of numbers to which no message will be sent. This can be useful if you have a customer who wants you to stop sending them messages or if you want to test the functionality on your own number.

We recommend leveraging the use of a multi-cedent bot. This solution has been developed to improve efficiency and accuracy in multi-cedent environments. It streamlines the process of requesting and delivering debt information for callback purposes and other channels.

It’s critical in a multi-cedent collection center that collectors have constant access to the information they require. Alloxentric can assist with callback organization by providing collectors to examine multiple creditors’ data in one place, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their calls.

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