Chile is positioned as the leading innovation ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean[1] and as a result, has an increasing number of scale ups which are looking to expand internationally into new markets, such as the UK.

In recognition of this, ProChile Global X, a soft-landing program for Chilean companies willing to expand towards Europe and the UK, is supporting the arrival of three impressive Chilean companies into the UK: Alloxentric, Banca Ética Latinoamericana and MedibleGo.

  • Alloxentric uses AI Communication and CX Analytics platforms to help companies improve the way they interact with their customers particularly in the finance, HR, health and retail sectors
  • Banca Ética Latinoamericana is a financial group that connects investors with companies and organisations that generate a positive impact on society and the planet
  • MedibleGo is a digital platform that helps entrepreneurs who want to launch a product or service to the market, making their lives easier by assisting them in the application of user-centred and service design methodologies, through the use of AI, in a personalised way

Nicolas Poblete, Trade Commissioner of ProChile UK, comments:

“Europe and the UK are rapidly gaining space in Chilean entrepreneurs’ expansion plans due to the support for foreign companies and shared interests, such as sustainability and climate change. Importantly, the UK also offers credible validation for their products and services, allowing them to expand further to larger markets or investors. These three companies have proven themselves to be a success in Latin America and can now apply their learnings and tailor them for the UK, bringing some fantastic opportunities and services. ProChile takes the best of our goods and services to the world, and we are proud to support the arrival of these companies to Europe and the UK through ProChile’s Global X tool and the participation in our commercial mission to London Tech Week.”

Alloxentric – designing the best user experience 

Alloxentric believes that it is possible to improve the way companies communicate with their customers, using the channels they prefer, and bots based on artificial intelligence. Alloxentric uses this information to design and measure the quality of the best omni-channel experience for a company’s customers. The result is efficient solutions that increase sales, reduce costs and control compliance for both person-to-person and bot-to-person communications. Alloxentric’s platforms are used by banks and insurance companies to increase sales, by hospitals to manage and reduce waiting lists and many other use cases, through Voice bots, Chatbots and Web bots.

Max Kreimerman, CEO at Alloxentric, says:

“It has always been in our business plan to expand our operations to English-speaking countries. We already have operations in Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia and we have now chosen the UK as our International Headquarters due to the vast opportunities and incentives offered to start-ups, as well as the strategic partnerships and investor prospects.  Being in the UK also allows us to smoothly continue our business development into other European countries.

“Our affordable AI communications and CX Analytics platforms integrate voice and text for the holistic and continuous improvement of the customer experience via the channels through which they contact your company or institution.”

Banca Ética Latinoamericana – building a more equitable & sustainable society

Banca Ética Latinoamericana is a financial group that connects investors with companies and organisations that generate a positive impact on society and the planet. Banca Ética Latinoamericana manages tailored loans through a peer-to-peer lending platform where a network of investors invest in projects in three main areas: education and culture, social development, and nature and the environment.

Francisco García, Head of Fundraising for Europe, says:

“We have offices operating in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil and now we are aiming to expand our networks to seek potential investors for Banca Ética Latinoamericana in the UK. This is our first exploration to Europe, particularly in the UK given its outstanding reputation as a business hub. We are particularly interested in the Fintech world because it offers a benchmark of cutting-edge trends in the industry and creates a unique opportunity to forge new impactful partnerships, so we are excited to find out what can be achieved.”

MedibleGo – shaping a world of boundless possibilities

Driven by a steadfast commitment to building a brighter tomorrow, MedibleGo’s purpose is to alleviate inequality, amplify opportunities, and foster an inclusive and empowering future for all. MedibleGo empowers those who are bursting with a vision or business idea to ignite their passion to create a better tomorrow by creating new products, services and movements. If a business is currently facing challenges in achieving its desired outcomes, or if a person possesses a passion or talent that is not fully appreciated by their current employer, MedibleGo can assist. The company is specialised in helping individuals and businesses comprehensively understand their strengths, needs, and desires. With this knowledge, they collaborate to develop innovative products, services, or movements that resonate with the target audience and propel the business towards success.

For example, MedibleGo has worked with companies such as Toc Biometrics, BN Americas and Muysimple to develop a roadmap of activities to help them understand their strengths and growth areas. Then used this insight to redesign, test and enhance their services, before relaunching it to the market. This resulted in an improved service and products which better meet the needs of clients.

Rodrigo Malachias, CEO of MedibleGo, comments:

“We have already established a strong presence in 11 countries across Latin America and we are now ready to scale up to more developed markets. We have decided to launch in the UK because post-Brexit, we have observed a greater effort from the UK Government to attract more entrepreneurs, which is helping us. The “culture” of doing business is also positive here, as people are keen to listen to new ideas and projects, and learn from companies from abroad, which has been a great experience for us.

“We have a unique proposition because there’s no other company our size in the market that has as much experience as we do, so we are usually compared with the big consultancy firms such as PWC, Boston Consulting and EY. We believe we are a more attractive proposition because we develop solutions that change our clients’ business, and yet we are more cost effective as our rates are reflective of our smaller size.”


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