Prioritizing lead engagement depending on stage or qualification should be a priority for all companies in order to remain profitable.


Leads are critical for any business since they are the source of new customers. However, when their lead database expands rapidly, the performance of their sales staff suffers, as they may have to spend a greater amount of their time interacting with low-value customers, affecting the company’s volume of sales.


Prioritizing lead interaction based on their stage or qualification should be important to every organization to remain profitable. By incorporating AI chatbots, businesses will be able to transfer only high-value leads to sales personnel to increase the likelihood of closing the sale.


The following are a few ways that a chatbot strategy can help qualify each lead:


  1. Outbound calls: Bots can engage in initial contact techniques and assess prospects’ interest levels automatically.


  1. Provide product features and benefits: The chatbot can provide basic product or service information to the potential customer, such as FAQs or key information, which can assist the customer decide whether to continue the process.


  1. Transferring the contact to a sales representative: Once the chatbot has identified the consumer as a high-value opportunity, it can transfer the call immediately or schedule an appointment at a convenient time for both the customer and the sales executive to discuss the next stage in the process.


Using a chatbot campaign from Alloxentric, a factoring business was able to increase their sales ROI by 10% in less than two weeks as a result of sales executives effectively interacting and closing high-value prospects using the Xentric platform. The artificial intelligent bot handled lead qualification so that sales executives could focus on leads that were most likely to convert, leaving sales executives with more time to devote to high value leads and therefore increasing sales.


Sales teams were able to produce more pipeline and revenue by utilizing conversational technology, working every quality lead, minimizing initial contact activities, and focusing on the most profitable offers. This innovative AI strategy enabled this factoring company to increase sales while decreasing costs in a variety of ways.

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