Mexico City, December 10, 2021. According to Alloxentric, an omnichannel communication company to improve customer service, AppsFlyer, a measurement platform and marketing experience, and in-Store Media, a firm specialized in shopper marketing, businesses they need to rethink the way they interact with the new consumer in 2022, in order to provide a better service and create a fascinating shopping experience, in order to win the loyalty of their customers and increase their sales in an omnichannel way.

The consumer has evolved considerably and in 2022 the purchase decision is not based solely on the need that a product or service covers, its price or the experience when using it. Now the consumer considers their interaction with the brand in their day to day. As a result, businesses must create an experience that extends beyond the point of purchase, and they may do so by utilizing technology.

To do so, these three companies offer some advice on how to create an experience that makes consumers fall in love at different points in the interaction.


1.- Personalization. 66 percent of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations, but only 34 percent of companies treat their customers as unique, according to data from AppsFlyer’s Return of Experience (ROX) Guide.

To gain user loyalty when using mobile applications, specialists must create a personalized purchase journey or buyer’s journey in which all touch points are connected and familiar. The journey must be seamless so that users are unaware they have passed through more than one point of contact.

In terms of advertising campaigns, machine learning algorithms can aid in the understanding of user behavior trends. Marketers can use this data to create a perfectly tailored campaign that targets the exact right users at the exact right time.


2.- Quick and easy service. The less time and effort a consumer must expend to access a service or product, the greater their loyalty and the amount they are willing to pay for it: according to PwC, 52 percent of customers say they would pay more for a service or product experience that they believe is quick and efficient.

In customer service, Alloxentric notes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions enable businesses to immediately collect the information needed to speed up response times and meet the expectations of their customers. In this manner, for example, when a consumer contacts a company to obtain more information about a product they wish to purchase, a robot can more quickly provide the information they seek or quickly route them to an agent who can assist them in resolving their concerns  or complete their purchase.

However, only 14 percent of companies in Mexico use AI to improve their sales, customer service and automate processes, according to an IBM survey.

Still, technology isn’t everything. For Alloxentric, the key to delivering faster customer service is combining technology with well-trained customer service and support agents. This pair could reduce up to 45 percent the waiting time of a client when communicating with a company.


3.- Omnichannel. In 2020 and 2021 digital consumption accelerated, however by 2022 consumers have learned to take care of their health while resuming physical activities, where they expect to find innovations that integrate technology to improve their omnichannel shopping experience.

The key to a good omnichannel shopping experience is designing a strategy that ensures homogeneity in the communication of messages, promotions and products through all the physical and digital channels visited by the shopper on their shopping journey.

in-Store Media highlights that digital signage technology accompanies the retailer in its digitization, creating relevant communication circuits for the buyer and the stores. According to the firm, 92 percent of consumers indicate that it is visually impressive and manages to surprise them, in addition to allowing the integration of interactive formats, such as QR codes, so that the consumer can access more information about a brand or promotion through of their smartphone. These communication channels boost brand visibility (awareness) through increased sales and even buyer loyalty.


These recommendations will assist businesses in recognizing how to use technology to design a better experience for their brands within the life of the new consumer, in a personalized, close, and omnichannel manner, in order to remain relevant and competitive in a present that was thought to arrive in 5 or 10 years.

“Companies must be able to adapt to changes in consumer consumption habits and ensure that the conversation is fluid and satisfactory for the customer, in order to earn brand loyalty that will allow them to ensure leadership in the face of competition”, said Pablo Gomez, Country Sales Manager of Alloxentric in Mexico.

“The key to a good shopping experience, regardless of channel, is the development and implementation of a communication strategy that ensures homogeneity of messages, promotions, and products across all physical and digital channels visited by the shopper during their purchase journey”, says Sara Urbano, Director of Marketing and Business Development at In Store Media.

“The number one reason for mobile app user happiness and loyalty is CX, which subsequently translates into increased user acquisition, average revenue value, and long-term value of a user”, said Carlos Torres, Regional Marketing Manager Spanish Latam at AppsFlyer.



About in-Store Media

Created in 1998, in-Store Media Group’s mission is to help brands and retailers improve touch points with their buyers at the most decisive moment of the purchase process: right when they are in the store. The consumer is exposed to more than 3,000 advertising messages daily, but it has been shown that the best time to reach him, the moment when he is most receptive and considers it less intrusive – all the information represents an added value for him to choose the final product – is the act of purchase. Through continuous research into shopper behavior, in-Store Media Group is able to offer the best communication solutions along the consumer journey. The company has offices in Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, the Philippines, Mexico, Portugal, and Poland; works with 59 retailers and manages more than 3,000 annual campaigns in more than 5,200 points of sale. To learn more visit: in-Store Media LinkedIn


About AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer helps brands make good decisions for their business and customers through innovative privacy-preserving measurement, analytics, fraud protection and engagement technologies. Built on the idea that brands can increase customer privacy while delivering exceptional experiences, AppsFlyer enables thousands of creators and more than 8,000 technology partners to build better, more meaningful relationships with customers. For more information visit


About Alloxentric

Alloxentric is the most flexible communications platform on the market. It integrates voice, text, and artificial intelligence into its modular, omnichannel platform to create seamless, cost-effective contact centers that maximize customer satisfaction and agent productivity across the business. By providing interactions in local languages ​​and accents, Alloxentric makes it easy for companies to optimize and improve the customer experience. The company currently operates in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. For more information visit

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