Supporting after-hours customers with an adaptive Web Bot powered by AI

Case study Telecommunications


Binet, An internet and television service provided realized that their unavailability and round-the-clock support was compromising customer service satisfaction.

While there were two executives accessible for customer assistance through WhatsApp platform, there was clearly limited help to handle after-hour service inquiries or commercial demands. They were fully aware of how expensive providing 24/7 customer assistance would be, as well recognized that they couldn’t control the level of customer service provided by this platform.

It was critical for their growing business that they supplied a speedy, consistent, and cost-effective solution that customers could access at all times, both for technical questions and for commercial services like internet and TV plans.

For a proposed solution to be adopted by Binet it would need to answer technical and commercial questions about registration, technical feasibility, and, most importantly, maintain high customer satisfaction.


Alloxentric addressed this challenge by developing a website bot (web bot) and a WhatsApp bot aimed at establishing and maintaining brand voice consistency while offering clients with 24/7 access to resources and support.


As a result of the web bot, the following activities could be assisted:

Assistance On-Demand

Customers receive concise responses to detailed questions such as ticket status and technical feasibility, as well as the option of requesting on-site support

Assistance Ticket Generation

Ensure customer’s issues are handle the next business day, by saving customer’s information in the unlikely event that the bots are unable to resolve customer issues.

Consistent Customer Support

Improve the service quality to that of large companies while being attentive to the needs of users thanks to the responsiveness of the bots.


Over the course of the first week after implementation, the bot answered more than 40 client inquiries and addressed more than 15 requests for extra attention, which was more than the business could possibly handle before it’s adoption of the bot.

The deployment also cut the sales process time by 40%, and the bot collected more leads that were previously lost owing to inefficiencies in the administrative process.

Following quick success in a short amount of time, together with Binet, Alloxentric devised a one-year improvement plan to expand the bot’s capabilities and to improve the user experience even during non-business hours.

Is it also a priority for your business to improve customer satisfaction and provide 24/7 support in a simple, predictable, and cost-effective manner? Contact us today!

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