Consumer loyalty no longer depends only on products or prices, but also on the experience they receive.

Santiago, October 19, 2021. Long waiting times in line, limited capacity to provide a real solution, and unwillingness on the part of human operators to help. These bad practices are identified as “very common” by call center employees, which impacts the perception and loyalty of the user towards the brand.

Alloxentric, an omnichannel communication platform powered by AI and machine learning to improve customer service, explains that consumer loyalty no longer depends only on products or prices, but also on the experience they receive.

“There is evidence from various studies that companies that better serve their customers achieve better positioning and greater brand loyalty, which translates into more revenue, greater profitability, and greater retention. It has been said that a customer who leaves for price could return for quality. A customer who leaves due to quality will not return for any price”, summarizes Max Kreimerman, founder and CEO of Alloxentric.

In fact, people these days are more digitally literate and accustomed to remote communication, so technology is critical for an effective resolution of requirements in a global context. In the end, you need to provide quick answers regardless of the time or method of contact, offer omnichannel and 24×7 support, and do so with the same or better quality than a person would.

Currently, the majority of AI applications are the use of text bots (chatbots) on websites and the use of voice bots (voicebots) to streamline the processes of collecting, scheduling, and delivering information. All methods designed to save time and resources for companies and, above all, to benefit consumers and users.

Under this scenario, how can artificial intelligence and the human factor be reconciled? “These tools, as well as other tools, offer enormous opportunity for multiplying the results of human efforts, creating at the same time new industries AI-based tools, model auto-generators, bot compilers, cognitive services, etc.) and job opportunities such as data scientists, bot trainers, data security analysts, and bias detection experts”, according to Kreimerman.


Great prospects

In spite of the early days of AI adoption, the possibilities that AI poses in the customer experience are very promising, since different platforms such as CRM and accounting can be integrated to develop solutions or responses tailored to the history or needs of people, in addition to automating the delivery of information to recurring clients.

“Some organizations are using AI to ’empower’ their customer service representatives, providing them with feedback on the quality of their communications or suggestions on how to handle different issues they encounter. This undoubtedly creates a virtuous circle that enhances interactions between companies and their users, even as the volume of such communications increases”, says the CEO of Alloxentric.

According to Kreimerman, nothing will replace human contact, but this type of technology enhances it. Consequently, the preferences for care tools will vary depending on the profile of the clients, the topics, and the industry we are discussing because, in general, people prefer to have as many options available as possible so they can choose the one they are most comfortable with.

“As per our observations, respondents are more inclined to be honest and provide more thorough answers when interacting with a voicebot because humans might be intimidating. The same is true for collecting processes. If someone just forgets their commitments, they can easily agree on a new date without providing any reasons or hearing settlement options offered by the company before making a final decision with a human agent”, finalizes.

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