AI-Based Credit Collections

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A Telecommunication company needed to speak with over 80000 customers regarding late payment solutions. Initially, the business estimated that 80 agents would be required to handle the amount of interactions in order to meet their deadline.

Because of the short time schedule for hiring and onboarding new agents, they wanted to find an alternative solution that could be implemented immediately.

They expected to resolve 10% of payment issues after initial bot engagement, identify 20% of valid contact details, and arrange 15% of debtors to speak with agents.


Based on its Omnichannel Communication platform, Alloxentric developed a bot to contact and identify the database. By adopting this strategy, the company can begin contacting the customer list as soon as the bot is implemented.

As part of the bot’s functions, it would:


  • Verify debtors’ phone numbers and identities, and after obtaining confirmation, it would send them past due account information over a WhatsApp message.
  • Informs the amount of the debt to the debtor, and if the person cannot pay, it transfers to an executive.


  • Schedule appointments for agents 24 hours in advance to discuss payment arrangements, increasing their efficiency and chances of resolving payments.
  • Serve as a reminder for those customers who have forgotten to make a payment, eliminating the need for further assistance from an agent, allowing them to resolve the payment from the first contact.


  • Improve workflow and speed interaction compared to 80 agents doing it manually.


As a result of successfully completing the project on time, the debt collection company saw an opportunity to increase its revenue by contracting 100 additional bots to handle 1.5M monthly calls rather than their prior level, resulting in a 50% increase in interactions and a 25% increase in profit margin. Today, there are 300 simultaneous bots calling every day.

During the initial four-week campaign the company yielded the following results:

  1. The strategy enabled the company to reach their database with the help of 40 agents, saving time and money.
  2. The bots acted as a payment reminder for over 75% of the customer list, thus resulting in increased productivity for the agents.
  3. Bots detected that 15% of the database customers did not have active phone numbers.

20% of the customer needing payment arrangements scheduled a call with the agent via the bot and agreed to a payment plan.

The implementation of 100 simultaneous bots, resulted in a 50% increase in interactions and a 25% increase in margin versus the previous month.

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