Mexico City, August 10, 2021. Alloxentric, an omnichannel communication platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer service, states that consumers are not evermore loyal to brands or companies based solely on prices or products they offer, but on the experience they receive. In fact, as one study by PwC shows, 41 percent of Mexicans would refrain from interacting with a brand if they received bad customer service.

Additionally, if the consumer experience is good, they are willing to pay a little more for the product. Based on PwC research, consumers are willing to spend 15 percent more on a plane ticket, 22 percent more on a hotel stay, 21 percent more on a cafe order, and 14 percent more in a restaurant. In other words, companies that improve customer experience can create 5 times more revenue than their competitors, according to a Forrester Research study.

There is no doubt that a good customer experience is instrumental to increasing sales and customer loyalty, as well as promoting the adoption of new products. It may seem like an obvious concept, but most companies still struggle to master it. Hence, Alloxentric presents five ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can serve to innovate the customer experience so that companies can maximize their success.

  1. Optimize and automate repetitive tasks:A company’s agents need to be able to automate and optimize repetitive tasks through artificial intelligence, such as sending emails, writing messages, or posting on social networks, so they can focus on tasks of the greatest importance and create high-value strategies.
  2. Identify and detect the tones of voice in interactions: A brand’s technology must be capable of recognizing the tones of a user’s voice in order to identify their accents and then, respond appropriately with the same accent as the user. In addition, this technology can identify tense situations on the part of the client and suggest appropriate responses, for instance, by sharing firm policies and keeping clients informed about the status of an order.
  3. Provide real-time answers to the most frequently asked questions, as well as support and information: This is performed by developing a chatbot or telephone bot capable of answering a meaningful number of frequently asked questions and determining whether human assistance is required at any time. Customer interactions will be seamless as a result, and products/services will be delivered more effectively.
  4. Collect and process data from each customer interaction: In order to fully exploit AI, it is essential that companies have an automated system that collects and analyzes information from customer interactions. With this system, agents can capture contact information in the formats they need, thereby strengthening their communication strategies.
  5. Prevent problems before they occur: Companies must have tools capable of identifying and addressing customer questions in any channel. Through the use of AI and machine learning, agents will be able to familiarize themselves with their clients, their problems, or their requests, enabling them to provide a faster solution.

Besides allowing companies to provide better support, AI offers a variety of solutions for personalizing messages and offering high-quality experiences to customers, while combining the power of human talent to reinforce customer loyalty.

There’s one thing for certain: most clients, including Mexicans, seldom give a second chance after having had a bad experience. To provide an exceptional customer experience, companies must be able to adapt to changes in consumer consumption and injection habits and ensure that the conversation is fluid and pleasant. By doing this, not only will customer satisfaction increase, but brand loyalty will also grow, ensuring leadership among competitors.” explained Max Kreimerman, founder and CEO of Alloxentric.

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