When the Help Desk need Help

Case study Help Desk


An IT solutions company, wanted to improve the quality of service provided by automating password change tasks and other related help desk procedures.

To accomplish such tasks, users would have to contact a specialist to assist them in recovering their passwords.

The company wanted to reduce these help desk support tasks by 30% to improve productivity and redirect efforts to other important tasks for business development.


A partner company for the development of bots, worked with the Alloxentric platform in this project to develop a bot that uses components of the platform to automate the management of the IT company help desk for a major business group in Colombia.

By automating repetitive tasks, the IT company would achieve the following benefits:


Save operators’ time and allows them to get back to their core competencies while our intelligent assistant handles the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks.


Leverage context-based decision-making methods, since the bot can do so, and therefore is able to respond to customer support requests more accurately, fast, and at a large scale than an operator could.


Business growth and customer service would be improved by rerouting support agents to other more important tasks based on their skills.


A significant increase in agent efficiency has resulted in greater performance on other, more important business goals. Because their workload has been decreased, these agents can dedicate more time to these other responsibilities than they could previously when they were diverted by repeated tasks and client password inquiries.

It not only improved customer service, but it also had some positive consequences on the business as a whole; notably, costs have been cut as productivity has increased.

The results of this campaign revealed, in just two-weeks, a 15% cost decrease in overall agent time spent on tasks such as password resetting or recovery.

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