Alloxentric has appointed Pablo Gómez as its Mexico Country Sales Manager.


Mexico City, September 8, 2021. Alloxentric, an omnichannel communication company based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer service, developed CX Analytics, a new platform to improve the evaluation process in customer communication, in an automated, multi-channel and cost-effective way for any brand or company in Mexico.

CX Analytics was created at the request of Alloxentric clients, who used to deploy teams of roughly 15 employees to qualify the company’s text and voice dialogues with its clients. With this approach, the evaluation result of a campaign could take up to a month, preventing the necessary adjustments to increase efficacy in time for the next activation.

The new platform allows for standardizing the evaluation process, improving the cost-effectiveness (about 75 percent less), and speeding up the process, as the report can be obtained online at the end of each day. By displaying all the data on the platform, it becomes easier to determine the best day and time to contact the client, if the agent adheres to the script or if it needs to be changed to improve results, and what other interests the consumer has, among other variables.

CX Analytics measures the quality of:

  • Agent communication with the customer: Businesses will be able to analyze 100% of the audios and text of client conversations, find keywords, assess quality indicators, and identify opportunities for business growth.


  • Voice bot’s communication with the customer: Businesses or brands will be able to monitor and assess the bot’s comprehension, latency (the amount of time it takes for information to be stored on the network), noise on the line, and the quality of spoken words in comparison to scripts.


Customer service agents’ performance will improve as a result of the information offered by CX Analytics, which allows them to identify areas of opportunity while interacting with customers and gives them the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, companies will be able to ensure that employees adhere to company policies, such as data privacy guidelines.

Customer service enables us to have a firsthand understanding of our clients’ needs, interests, and preferences. By using CX Analytics, we can understand where we are doing well or poorly in the organization and make more informed decisions that lead to greater satisfaction, loyalty, and sales,” said Pablo Gómez, newly named Country Sales Manager for Mexico.

“One of the challenges businesses and organizations face is effectively communicating with their customers and users. A user’s loyalty to a brand or company is determined by how well they are treated, whether they are human or bot agents. As a result, CX Analytics is built to help businesses consistently improve the quality of the experience they offer their customers, allowing them to boost their call centers’ efficiency, quality, and profitability,” said Max Kreimerman.

Pablo Gómez is an experienced corporate sales professional who builds long-term partnerships through a deep understanding of customer needs. In prior positions, he was a Senior Client Manager at Quiubas Mobil, Corporate Sales Executive at Total Play, Strategy Manager at Banana (Creative Solutions), Cabify Corporate Sales Manager, Telefónica Corporate Business Consultant, and Indigo Business Partner (Smart Software Development).

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