RLC Ventures invested $ 275,000 in seed capital to accelerate the company’s expansion in Latin America

Mexico City, July 7, 2021. Alloxentric, an omnichannel communication platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer service, received $275,000 in seed funding from RLC Ventures, an early-stage venture capital company based in London. Through this investment, the company began operations in Mexico to help companies build seamless contact centers that maximize customer satisfaction, sales, and agent productivity, all while reducing communication costs by up to 70 percent.

Currently, Alloxentric’s platform allows retailers, financial institutions, marketing companies, and health care providers to make over 500 thousand telephone calls per day, manage over 120 thousand written messages, and transcribe 300 thousand audio minutes into text. The platform has the following main features:

  • Manage large volumes of communication at a low cost.
  • Develop the best contactability strategy by combining all available communication channels.
  • Capability to store voice and text interactions in one place, enabling businesses to communicate, record, automate, and analyze all interactions with their customers.
  • Display all communications with a client in one place, regardless of the channel through which they were exchanged.
  • One of the main differences with Alloxentric is that its technology allows for language adaptation depending on the country where it is used. This has made it possible to have Spanish from Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia, English from the United States and United Kingdom, and Portuguese from Brazil.

Mexico is one of the countries where consumers value exceptional customer service the most when it comes to remaining loyal to a brand, according to the Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey 2021 from PwC.

* Data from PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, June 2021.


Currently, organizations are faced with a number of challenges, and improving customer service has become a priority. Because of this, companies need to ensure they have cutting-edge technology so they can respond to their customers quickly and clearly through different communication channels. In addition, the ability to collect and analyze information from customers is imperative to responding and solving their requests as quickly as possible,” said Max Kreimerman, founder and CEO of Alloxentric.

An experience in 2018 where Max spent nearly three hours on the phone with six agents in three countries, all of which had to confirm his personal information and explain the issue multiple times, was what motivated him to think about how communications processes can be improved and therefore he founded Alloxentric.

Our revenue grew 300 percent in 2020, and we intend to quadruple sales by the end of 2021. Furthermore, we are seeking to implement cutting-edge technology solutions to improve the way companies engage with their customers,” highlighted Max.

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