50% reduction in mass scheduling costs

Case study Banking

Alloxentric’s virtual bots reduced the cost of the scheduling activity by 50% and the estimated time for the task from 6 to 3 months.

The challenge

Due to a regulatory change, the Bank needed to schedule more than one million appointments with its customers for product recalls at branches.

To do this task the Bank needs to contact a high volume of customers in a short period of time, coordinating the shipment of products to the branch chosen by the customer and managing the delivery schedule to achieve an efficient process without long waits. All this, at the lowest possible cost.

Customer’s experience

The initial estimate of resources to handle one million scheduling and pre-announcement interactions is one hundred and fifty human operators over a six-month period.

Alloxentric is presented as an alternative to increase the contact rate through both voice and text channels, integrated with the bank’s scheduling platform. The operations management generates a bot on the Xentric platform which is then tested 24 hours later through the different channels to define the most effective with respect to the base to contact.

A combined option of voice and text channels is then chosen, where the name, telephone number and availability are checked, and then a reminder confirmation of the day and place of withdrawal is sent by WhatsApp or SMS.


After testing, it is estimated that the optimal combination of resources for the success of the project should consider 40 human operators and 100 virtual bots.

Alloxentric’s virtual bots reach a response rate of 38% of total calls, with an effectiveness of 80.6% in answered calls, thus reducing the cost of the scheduling activity by 50% and the estimated time for the task from 6 to 3 months.

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