What is Xentric?


Xentric is an omnichannel and modular communications platform, based on artificial intelligence, which allows companies to optimise and improve communication with their customers. It combines all communication technologies, both voice and text, in one place, allowing companies to communicate, record, automate and analyse all communications with their customers.


Communications Systems

The Xentric platform has powerful Communications Systems connected to dozens of suppliers in different countries, allowing high availability and vast price efficiency when compared to other systems and/or platforms in the market.

These systems allow communication via telephone calls, audio messages or messaging systems such as SMS, Telegram or WhatsApp. Among the most frequent use cases are the following:

Outbound campaigns
To carry out sales, collection or other actions aimed at a large number of customers or users.

Xentric is able to handle any scheduling problem, whether it is a hospital that needs to confirm medical hours or an insurance company that needs to schedule a meeting between the client and their liquidator.

If your company receives a high volume of calls, by automating frequent tasks, redirecting calls and transcribing communications to text, with Xentric you will optimize your operations by saving 50 to 70% of the cost of receiving a communication, and without losing any of them.


Cognitive Systems

The Xentric platform’s Cognitive Systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud, provide enormous flexibility for bot builders and user experience.

The Xentric platform is the most flexible and easily-integrated platform on the market. On our platform’s bot configuration interface, you can choose to use Xentric’s cognitive services or those provided by third parties, maintaining all the code and intelligent operation logic of the bots. Among others, Xentric’s cognitive systems have the services of:

Speech to Text (STT)
Adapted by country, it supports Spanish from Mexico, Spanish from Chile, Spanish from Peru, Spanish from Colombia, as well as English from the US, English from the UK and Portuguese from Brazil. We are committed to making the Xentric platform the best in understanding the spoken language of the countries in which it operates and that is why we continue to grow in support of each country and region.

Text to Speech (TTS)
Did you know that the cut-off rate of an automated call triples if the voice is not generated with the country’s accent? At Xentric we solve that and other problems, with voices that sound human, with the accents of each country.

Conversation as a Service
If you have worked in bot design, you know that one of the most complex problems is understanding sentences in a natural language context. Xentric’s Conversation as a Service API allows you to generate answers in natural language simulating a human, with a back-end that never stops learning.

With a powerful Rest API and the most open interoperability, Xentric is the best cognitive systems platform on the market.


Channel Management System

Xentric’s Channel Management System sorts all conversations into a single interface, allowing your agent to see all the history associated with the customer’s identity and to understand the user’s problem. Very soon, our system will also provide the agent with suggestions for interactions. Thus, all your communications will be transcribed, in a single point, in a single interface, so that your service agent or whoever is interacting with your customer knows what was spoken on the phone or written by WhatsApp, as well as the SMS or emails that that customer sent.

What our customers have to say

“The vast flexibility of Alloxentric has allowed us to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into customer calls and actions at an excellent cost-benefit ratio”

Héctor Bravo
General Manager, Waytech
Technological subsidiary, IBR Latam